SharePoint Governance Documents, Samples, and Resources

by Richard Harbridge on May 16, 2012

As part of another ongoing effort I am hoping to share and highlight useful templates/Governance documents and samples that are available to the public. To achieve this I have started a SharePoint Governance Policies, Plans, and Documents listing and have listed over 35 documents and provided 15 starter examples/samples.

On a regular basis I am asked for samples and SharePoint Governance material. Most of the time I grab a collection of files on my personal drive (or private SharePoint sites), and give people links from various websites and colleagues in the industry. To save myself time, and to make things easier I have put some of them on this page. Currently there are over 35 documents/suggested documents and 15 samples.

There is an enormous wealth of information, samples, and templates available out there on SharePoint and Governance. It is my hope that by creating this listing people will comment and highlight other great resources that I can add and recommend.

Hope this helps,
Richard Harbridge

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