Intranet Examples

What follows is a collection of Intranet designs/examples taken from various internet sites (to my knowledge all of the designs here are SharePoint Intranets). Each intranet page/image should indicate where it was sourced from. You will notice that most Intranets have similar homepage components. Be sure to check out this list of common Intranet components if you are trying to determine what to put on your Intranet.

If you are looking for public facing website examples for SharePoint branding or design I suggest navigating to or WSSDemo’s Pivot View.

I do not in any way infer that I own the rights or usage of these images. These may only be examples or out of date representations of intranets and should not be used for anything beyond suggesting ideas for your own work. I have never worked on, nor do I own any of the designs/examples I place on this site (just to make sure that is consistent).

My intention with this is to give people a one page resource that showed examples of different Intranet designs (which I get requests for all the time).

I highly encourage people to follow up with the source, company, or designers who did each design if you would like to know more.

If you have any concerns or issues with the way I am presenting/sharing this – please let me know immediately in the comments, my contact option on my site, by linkedin, or by email.
Richard Harbridge

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