SharePoint Governance Policies, Plans, and Documents Listing

What follows is a listing of the policies, plans, and documents that support effective SharePoint Governance. This is meant to be an effective starting point for determining what SharePoint Governance documentation you may need. It is also meant as a supporting Governance resource to help organizations understand what gaps they may have in knowledge or preparation.

The owner column represents the typical team that owns responsibility for reviewing and revising the associated document. The teams that own each document are based on a model that uses 5 Governance teams.

The Governance teams referenced are:

  • Business Strategy
  • Technical Strategy (Often also noted as Solution or Technology Strategy)
  • Tactical Operations
  • Tactical Development
  • Tactical Support

The sample column contains a quick link to any available templates for the document that can serve as a starting point.

Name Owner Sample(s)
SharePoint Vision and Goals Business Strategy SharePoint Vision and Goals
Stakeholder Interview Guide(s) Business Strategy Stakeholder Interview Guide
(Provided by Susan Hanley)
Financial Policy (Funding Expectations/Cost Allocation) Business Strategy
SharePoint Release Schedule, and Communication Plan Technical Strategy
Disaster Recovery Plan Tactical Operations
Storage and Quota Policies Tactical Operations Site Quota Plan
Monitoring Plans Tactical Operations
Maintenance Plans Tactical Operations
Patch Management Process and Plan Tactical Operations
Service Level Agreements Tactical Operations Service Level Agreements
Security Policies Tactical Operations SharePoint Security Policy
Deployment Process, Policies, and Schedule Tactical Operations Deployment and Customization Policy
Promotion Process and Plan Tactical Operations
Branding Guidelines Tactical Development
SharePoint Designer Policy Tactical Development
Workflow Policy Tactical Development
Development Standards (Including OOTB vs Custom) Tactical Development See SPStandards
Development Environment Policy Tactical Development SharePoint Development Environments and Tools
Code Review Checklist Tactical Development Code Review Checklist
Testing Requirements Tactical Development
SharePoint Test Plans (or Templates) Tactical Development SharePoint Test Plan
Site Classification and Platform Classification Tactical Support
Site Collection and Site Recommendations
Tactical Support SharePoint Site Collection and Site Recommendations
Site Provisioning Process/Questionnaire/Form Tactical Support
Content Migration Process/Questionnaire/Form Tactical Support
Site Review Checklist Tactical Support
User Expectations Agreement Tactical Support
SharePoint Roles and Responsibilities Tactical Support Roles and Responsibilities
Support Policies and Agreement(s) Tactical Support SharePoint Support Policy
Training and Coaching Plans Tactical Support Education and Training Plan
MySite Policies (Especially Around Pictures) Tactical Support
User Lifecycle Policy Tactical Support
Taxonomy Management Plan Tactical Support
Social Policies Tactical Support See SPStandards
Content Standards Tactical Support See SPStandards
Legal and Compliance Policy Tactical Support
Search Management Plan Tactical Support
SharePoint Survey and Analysis
(What are people in the organization using SharePoint for?)
Tactical Support

Additional Resources

Beyond these resources there are many sites/locations that have additional Governance resources that might help you. Here are a few of them:

Hope this helps,
Richard Harbridge

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