Intranet Component Listing

What follows are the components commonly found on Intranets (in particular on landing pages, homepages, and frequently used pages of Intranets). In my work I have been lucky enough to have worked with, implemented or been involved in over a hundred Intranets and this is one of the many tools I use to help plan for and tactically implement different pages.

One of the steps I perform with clients when defining their Intranets, Extranets, or even Internet sites is determine what components they want displayed on each page (which helps define additional requirements for the implementation).

Authors Note: If you give a user this list and ask them to pick out components don’t forget to ensure they prioritize them as well (since the selections rarely all fit on a single page).


Many components can be built OOTB by using very simple lists and data view web parts or content query webparts (in SharePoint). I have several ‘wireframe’ mockups (in Balsamiq) of each of the components found below which I use along with longer descriptions around the purpose and usage of each component (with some screen captures of many in use).

When I indicate the update frequency I tried to avoid mentioning any level of frequency which causes the component’s value to be in question. As an example if the message from the president/owner/founder is not updated on a frequent enough basis (beyond quarterly) then its value diminishes considerably. So in this I have a lower bound and an upper bound for each update frequency value outlined.

Component Name Update Frequency Range Purpose
A Day In The Life Of… (Employee Spotlight) Weekly to Monthly Informative
Advertisements Daily to Quarterly Informative
Availability Dashboard Immediate (Dynamic) Informative
Blog Updates Immediate (Dynamic) to Monthly Informative
Bookmarked Content Immediate (Dynamic) Informative
Community Spotlight/Highlight Immediate (Dynamic) to Quarterly Informative
Contacts Weekly to Quarterly Informative
Discounts (Organizational for Retail) Daily to Quarterly Informative
Email This Page Immediate (Dynamic) Sharing
Employee Anniversaries/Milestones/Years of Service Daily to Quarterly Informative
Employee Spotlight Daily to Quarterly Informative
Highlighted/Urgent/Past Due Tasks Immediate (Dynamic) Informative
How do I/Training/Learning Materials Daily to Quarterly Informative
Inspiring Quote Daily to Weekly Informative
Message from the President/Owner/Founder Daily to Quarterly Informative
Most Recently Contributed Content Immediate (Dynamic) to Quarterly Informative
Most Viewed Content Immediate (Dynamic) to Quarterly Informative
New Hires/Arrivals Daily to Quarterly Informative
New Job Openings/Postings Daily to Quarterly Informative
New Messages/Notes Immediate (Dynamic) to Quarterly Informative
News and Announcements Hourly to Monthly Informative
Phone List Immediate (Dynamic) to Quarterly Informative
Photos Daily to Quarterly Informative
Podcasts Daily to Quarterly Informative
Polls Immediate (Dynamic) to Monthly Feedback
Print This Page Immediate (Dynamic) Sharing
Provide Feedback Immediate (Dynamic) Feedback
Quick Links/Shortcuts/ Immediate (Dynamic) to Monthly Navigation
Quick Start to Services Weekly to Quarterly Navigation
Recent Departures/Retirements Daily to Quarterly Informative
Recent Discussions Immediate (Dynamic) to Monthly Informative
Recent Questions and Recent Answers Immediate (Dynamic) Informative
Recently Added Projects Immediate (Dynamic) to Quarterly Informative
Sales Goals Daily to Quarterly Informative
Search Box (Employee Search, Intranet Search, Etc) Immediate (Dynamic) Navigation
Search Tips Weekly to Quarterly Informative
Site Map Immediate (Dynamic) to Quarterly Navigation
Site/Department/Team Spotlight/Highlight Immediate (Dynamic) to Quarterly Informative
Stock Chart? Immediate (Dynamic) to Hourly Informative
Stock Quotes Immediate (Dynamic) to Hourly Informative
Survey Daily to Quarterly Feedback
System Status Immediate (Dynamic) to Hourly Informative
Tag Cloud Immediate (Dynamic) to Daily Navigation
Top Searches Immediate (Dynamic) to Quarterly Informative
Upcoming Calls/Web Meetings Immediate (Dynamic) Informative
Upcoming Events/Calendar Daily to Quarterly Informative
Upcoming Holidays Quarterly to Yearly Informative
Videos Daily to Quarterly Informative
Visitors/People Out Of Office Immediate (Dynamic) to Quarterly Informative
Weather Immediate (Dynamic) to Hourly Informative
Wiki Updates Immediate (Dynamic) to Monthly Informative
World Clocks/Office Time Immediate (Dynamic) to Hourly Informative


Am I missing some common Intranet components you see in your work? Please let me know what they are in the comments below and I will update the list accordingly.

Hope this helps,
Richard Harbridge

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1 Lenette Aalling December 20, 2011 at 4:49 pm

Dear Richard,
Thanks for sharing this list ! I’ve added quite a lot to my brainstorming document for our new intranet.
I may revert with input as our conclusions progress 🙂

Greetings, Lenette


2 Tom Resing February 21, 2012 at 4:51 pm

I love the detail in your message from the president component. Are those real screen shots or mockups? I can see value in them either way, but I wonder if you’ve gone so far to make such detailed mockups.


3 Richard Harbridge February 21, 2012 at 5:34 pm

I have extended mockups of all of these controls (and a few others). However many are not entirely my intellectual property so I can’t freely share them all. 🙂

Someday I will re-work them as Balsamic wireframes though for public consumption.


4 Sarfaraz Mulla October 16, 2012 at 12:29 pm

Whoa.. thanks for compiling this list. This is exhaustive. We are in the midst.. aa wait.. in the beginning of designing an intranet. While I am counting on a developer to care of the UI, I was’nt sure we had all the components covered. This reference is handy to see where we are. Amazing, thanks again!


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