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As someone passionate about business, technology and sharing I absolutely love presenting at events and conferences around the world.

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  1. Where have I spoken and what did I speak about?
  2. How can you get me to speak at your event, interview me, or work with me?
  3. What do I often speak about (with great passion)?
  4. Do you have videos of yourself speaking?
  5. What have other people said about my speaking?
  6. Do I do joint presentations or workshops?

What events have I spoken at?

While this is not a comprehensive list by any means what follows are many of the events I have spoken at (does not include private or internal company events/conferences).

Events in 2019:

  • Microsoft Ignite “The Tour” Toronto, Canada – January 10, 2019
    • The Microsoft Powered Digital Workplace: Insights & Best Practices From The Experts

Events in 2018:

Events in 2017:

Events in 2016:

Events in 2015:

Events in 2014:

Events in 2013:

Events in 2012:

Events in 2011

Events in 2010

Events in 2009

How can you get me to speak at your event, interview me, or work with me?

It’s actually pretty simple. Just send me a message on LinkedIn or email me at Richard@RHarbridge.com. Let me know how you think I can help and we can go from there.

I have wonderfully talented writers and researchers who call me periodically to ask me questions around SharePoint, collaboration, user adoption, governance, industry trends, social computing, and more. According to them it often provides a considerable amount of value in the form of: quotes, references, referrals, and feedback that they can use in their own work. So if you are one of those people please feel free to contact me as well.

What specifically do I often speak about?

I like to speak about a variety of topics though most of the time I prefer to focus on the non technical challenges of technology implementations and products. Here is a sampling of categories of things that I have spoken about (for the full list scroll down the page).

  • Business Development
  • Career Development
  • Collaboration
  • Community Development and Management
  • Governance
  • Information Architecture
  • Knowledge Management
  • Learning
  • Measuring and Improving ROI
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Social Computing
  • Success
  • Training
  • User Adoption

I have also been recognized as a top influencing expert on Microsoft SharePoint by KnowledgeLake in 2012.

Do you have videos or audio of yourself speaking?

I have a few, though to be honest I need to do this more often. For now you can get a bit of a feeling for how I present (and how much I wave my arms around) by watching or listening to the following:

Building A SharePoint Team – SharePoint Pod ShowListen

Richard Harbridge Gets Us App’d UpListen

Richard Harbridge Helps Us Assess ROI For SharePointListen

Real World SharePoint Governance

What have other people said about my speaking engagements or interviews?

I don’t believe I truly deserve the wonderful reviews, evaluations, praise and recommendations that people have given me. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate each and every bit of feedback I receive and always try to improve. Here are 10 randomly chosen quotes from people who have seen me speak. If you would like to see more please visit my Linkedin profile.

“Richard’s amazing blend of technical know-how and unwavering enthusiasm makes him one of the best and brightest SharePoint speakers in the industry today! His deep business background, entrepeneurial spirit and positive approach enables him to connect with audiences in a “real” way–motivating them to evolve their technology strategy. If you want real education with real positive energy, do not miss the opportunity to see Richard in action. Highly recommended!”
Sarah Haase, Collaboration Manager, Best Buy

“I have had the good fortune of co-presenting with Richard and watching him present on key technology trends.  In all cases, Richard has a dynamic, engaging and unique presentation style that leaves his audience wanting more.  His ability to relate to his audience, provide relevant context and to gently push people into thinking in new ways is consistent and impressive.

As a co-presenter, Richard does a wonderful job as an attentive and interactive listener.  This positions him to confirm, challenge or introduce an entirely new line of thinking that enriches the dialog.  In this capacity, he does so with grace and professionalism and the audience loves it.

His success as a speaker and thought leader is driven by his passion to share knowledge and educate others.  I would happily take the stage with Richard, be it big or small, as it is always a blast, and the audience walks out with more than they walked in.”
Russ Edelman, President/CEO & Author, Corridor Consulting

“I always go to Richard when I need expertise on SharePoint because I have found him to be insightful and an expert source. He is an engaging and lively speaker, and always makes his point with direct and cogent language.”
Jonathan Gourlay, Site and News Editor, Tech Target

“As a conference director (SharePoint Symposium & Summit) I have invited Richard to speak on a number of occasions in Washington DC and Scottsdale AZ. He his a very dynamic, high energy and engaged speaker, passionate about his topic yet manages to keep things fun and entertaining.  So different to many other experts who may well have the expertise but are incredibly dry and dull. I would be very happy to have him at at future conference, and hope to do so at some point!”
Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Principal & Director, Real Story Group

“Charismatic, knowledgeable, and creative in his approach, Richard truly brings a dynamic and unique view to the topics that he discusses with his audiences.  I personally have heard Richard speak numerous times outside of our meetings at other events and conferences, in addition to my lengthy discussions with him outside of a lecture hall, and I am always amazed at how insightful and interesting he can make any topic.”
Jason Himmelstein, SharePoint Practice Director, Sentri

“Richard looks at technology truly from the customer perspective, evaluating business first, and applying technology solution as it fits best in each individual case. He is an excellent speaker, one of the best, and his audience greatly appreciates his unique perspective and contribution to the community.  I’ve personally recommended Richard as an expert in Microsoft technologies to many of our clients, and attended quite a few of his conference sessions; I am truly impressed, and a follower forever.”
Inna Gordin, VP of Marketing and Communications, BA Insight

“As someone who speaks at a lot events, it’s often hard for me to make time to attend sessions. Richard is one of the speakers I’ll make time to see. His talks always seem to resonate with the attendees. I’m sure it’s due to his passion and enthusiasm for the topics on which he speaks and his ability to take complex topics and make them consumable. Richard is definitely a top notch speaker, any event would be lucky to have him.”
Rob Windsor, Lead SharePoint Consultant, Allin Consulting

“Richard is a very engaging and knowledgeable speaker. He is well organized and extremely enthusiastic. In his role as an Evangelist he is highly sought after as one of the most popular speakers and writers in the SharePoint community. I always look forward to watching Richard present and take away great insights from each interaction.”
Chris Bortlik, Technology Solutions Professional, Microsoft

“Richard… made a personal connection with the class and extended himself past our 75 minute session. His class is informative and his out of class resources useful. Thank you, Richard!”
Luis Roberto Barahona, IT Consultant, EIS Consulting Group

“Richard Harbridge is perhaps one of the most generous SharePoint professionals I have had the honor to collaborate with.  On a number of occassions when I needed a second opinion, Richard was the first person I asked, knowing his opinion would differ from my own, but also expecting, and recieving nothing short of a rich, well-documented answer.  Richard’s thoughtful insight has enhanced my work and helped me to bring a more balanced approach to the ideas I was attempting to present.  In an industry where time is always too tight, Richard leaves no stone unturned and his attention to detail is unparalleled (and greatly appreaciated!)”
Kerri Abraham, SharePoint Coordinator, Mercy Medical Center

Do I do joint presentations or workshops?

I love them! I have had the pleasure of doing a few workshops and presentations with other co-presenters and enjoy both the peer-coordination of material as well as the execution where you can build off of one another and provide even more value to an audience.

If you think it would be great to do a presentation, panel, or interview together just contact me via LinkedIn or email me at Richard@RHarbridge.com.

Hope there is a way I can help and speak with you soon,
Richard Harbridge

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