SharePoint Installation Standards

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When you are installing, implementing or even upgrading SharePoint it is important to keep these installation standards in mind to ensure a higher level of success, manageability and flexibility.


  • Each new SharePoint content or service database must use a unique customized database name.
    • Each must also use a similar prefix so that it is clearer which are SharePoint databases in the advent you are using a Shared SQL instance.
  • Ensure that each web application provisioned has a clear customized name for future reference.


  • Ensure that a specified Contact Email Address has been configured for Search.


  • Separate accounts must be used for different services and processes.
  • No executing service or process account may be running with local administrator permissions.


  • Use a SQL Alias when connecting to the SQL farm.
  • Ensure auto shrink is turned off.
  • Pre grow content databases to reduce fragmentation.
  • Ensure MDF and LDF files are not stored on the system (windows) drive.
  • Configure a SQL maintenance plan to check DB consistency.


Am I missing an installation standard? Don’t agree with one? Please let me know in the comments.

Hope this helps,
Richard Harbridge

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