More SharePoint Presentations And Interviews?

by Richard Harbridge on April 2, 2012

Based on a few requests I created a speaking and interviews page which lists most of the public presentations/sessions/workshops I have done in the past year. The hope is that this page can keep track of previous events and help provide attendees with another way to find my previous presentations/slide decks.

The new page can be found here or at the top titled: “Speaking & Interviews”. If you are interested in having me speak, doing an interview, or getting in contact with me feel free to use it as a starting point.

Updates And More Information?

I will keep this page up to date (every quarter or so) and will try and scrub many of the internal or private sessions/workshops I have given and make them publicly available both on this page and Slideshare. It is important to note that I haven’t included every interview or podcast on this page, instead I just highlighted two for demonstration purposes.

What’s Next?

My next goal is to create a compiled page that lists many of the articles and things I have shared that might be worth a look (or that people have asked me for links repeatedly). This will also include references to the podcasts and interviews I have been a part of.

Hope this helps,
Richard Harbridge

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