Intranet Tools: The User Adoption Activity Listing

by Richard Harbridge on November 28, 2011

I have released a new tool that I use when working with clients supporting effective user adoption. This tool is a listing of over 50 commonly used User Adoption Activities. The purpose of this listing is to help highlight other activities or methods organizations are using to improve user adoption. You may find some activities in the listing that resonate with your organizational culture and business need, and hopefully the short description will help make sense of how to go about executing or implementing that User Adoption activity.

A short time ago I just finished another presentation at Share Australia where I highlighted quite a few different user adoption activities and techniques. In the spirit of sharing some of the tools and techniques I have found that work well for me and my clients I present to you the first draft of The User Adoption Activities Listing.

I was going to wait to release this with much more comprehensive definitions of the activities, how complex they are, and lessons learned from implementing them, but I am hoping even in a partial draft it provides immediate value to many people.

To be clear I have been involved in implementing every one of these activities with one organization or another (and some I have done multiple times with various degrees of success). So everything on there (even if it’s a bit hastily written) is something I have seen a degree of success with.

When I worked with many clients I encountered a challenge that sounds something like this:

  • Business: “I think one of our biggest challenges is user adoption. Do you have any advice?”
  • Me: “It depends. What are you using SharePoint for? What are you trying to do with it?”
  • Business: “We use it for… blah blah blah.”
  • Me: “Well for company XYZ who was doing the same thing they found success in doing the following user adoption activities (above and beyond just doing a darn good job of implementing effective business solutions).”
  • Business: “Oh I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks!”

The challenge was that over time there was quite a bit of repitition in stories from myself, as well as confusion from each new participant in regards to what adoption activities other companies were implementing. Some of the activities really relate more to specific features in SharePoint, and some are broader in their application. So I thought, if nothing else I can at least share a bunch of them and update the layout and structure with more context over time.

Clients always tell me new stories, or come up with enhancements or modifications to the activities every day. So don’t feel like the short descriptions are limiting, and use the ideas as inspiration for how you might want to tactically improve user adoption.

If you find it useful please feel free to share or look into other things I have been working on as well:

Hope this helps,

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