Intranet Tools: The Intranet Component Listing

by Richard Harbridge on November 26, 2011

I have released a new tool that I use when working with clients defining key pages within their Intranets. This tool is a listing of over 50 commonly found Intranet components. The purpose is for the business to pick out the components they want on their page, then to prioritize these components, and take this information to develop the first wireframes and mockups of these key pages.

As always I am trying my hardest to find the time to share some of the tools and techniques I have found that work well for me and my clients. This specific tool The Intranet Component Listing (or rather a more comprehensive document with the component details as well) has met resounding success for over 10 engagements now and I think it’s safe enough to share (as I have proven it works).

When I worked with many clients I encountered a challenge that sounds something like this:

  • Me: “What would you like on (or in) your Intranet/Department Site/Team Site?”
  • User: “I don’t know, what do people normally put in their Intranet/Department Site/Team Site?”
  • Me: “Well quite a few things, here are some examples as well as context as to why that company/department/team wanted it…”
  • User: “I am overwhelmed with information, but I think I want all of those, or specifically X, Y and Z.”

The challenge really was that over time there was quite a bit of repitition in stories from myself, as well as confusion from each new participant in regards to what they could have on their Intranet/Department Site/Team Site. So the listing started out as just a collection of the common examples and scenarios I would provide.

Eventually it evolved into the more comprehensive document that I use with clients that even outlines the amount of effort or ways in which SharePoint can provide the solution or component, but I thought I could at least share the part that I know with full confidence helps my clients even after I leave which is the component listing itself.

Often clients will add their own components (along with sample images, or references) to expedite or support the SharePoint site provisioning process they have defined. So be sure to consider using this beyond just basic scenarios and also consider it an initial way of sharing other SharePoint solutions your organization has developed over time or for other companies/departments/teams.

If you find it useful please feel free to share or look into other things I have been working on as well:

Hope this helps,

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