Some Awesome SharePoint Conferences in 2011

by Richard Harbridge on January 24, 2011

It never hurts to reference the multitude of amazing SharePoint conferences and community events that are out there. Take a look at this calendar of all the known SharePoint conferences and community events. They are all good. All of them.

Looking for an event and it’s not on the Calendar? Let me know or send them to:

Still don’t see an event near you? Let me know – we will make one happen. Seriously. If I can’t even be directly involved I will make it my personal mission to get you the support you need/want.

Personal Update on Speaking:

Last year I spoke at something like 20+ different events. Before you ask, yes, all of them were absolutely amazing (and not all SharePoint related).

I really enjoyed the personal conversations I had at many of these events from people I have met ‘online’ through various social networks (speakers, attendees, and organizers). So I wanted to share with any reader where I am off to next (also found on tripit) and encourage anyone who lives nearby or who is also attending to give me a shout so that we can have a chat when I am there. Seriously.

Here are a few of the sure to be awesome events I will be speaking at soon (many more coming):

I am also going to try and make it out to more user groups this year (or electronically present) so if you are interested let me know. 🙂

Hope to see you soon,

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