What does SharePoint do for you?

by Richard Harbridge on June 15, 2010

One thing anyone who works in the SharePoint space gets asked regularly (or asks) is how are other people using SharePoint? Not always from a strategic level, but more from a common user perspective. After discussing this common question with Bonnie Surma we decided the creation of a Survey would help not only us, but many of you share your answers to this question.

Fill out the survey and have a chance to win a SharePoint 2010 book of your choice!

To hopefully get more responses I am offering an awesome award (out of my own pocket). The award will be a book of your choice that we can work out once you are randomly selected from the responses.

Tell your friends! If they win you can both share the book (and there are fantastic ones already out).

What does SharePoint do for you? (How do you use it?)

Take a moment and let us know by filling out this survey. Hopefully if enough people respond we can get a much better picture of what the state of User Adoption for SharePoint really is across our industries.

Why would you fill out the survey?

  • You get copies of any professional report(s) I create based on the findings.
    If you fill it out and put contact information I will follow up with you with any reports I generate from the Survey (expect there to be a few of them). You will be able to see these for free and get a better understanding of how other people are using SharePoint.
  • You are helping build better awareness and strengthening the community.
    I will be freely sharing the results of the Survey with everyone online. That way everyone can use the information and learn from it. This is meant for the community and I don’t want the data to be ‘owned’ by me or anything like that.
  • You are awesome and want to share some of your excellent uses of SharePoint with other people.
    If interested I can follow up with you and do an interview to learn more about how you are using SharePoint, and will even (free of charge) give you professional advice based on our discussion in how you could improve, or highlight other similar examples other people have provided.

I am interested in seeing more ways people are using SharePoint are you?
Richard Harbridge

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1 AMeyer October 1, 2010 at 11:28 am

Have you the results from your survey: What does SharePoint do for you? If so, can you tell me where to find them? Should be an interesting read.


2 Richard Harbridge October 14, 2010 at 3:26 pm

I did get a few (60+) – Realistically Michael Sampson, AIIM, EndUserSharePoint/Global360 and a few others also posted surveys like this.

What I think I will do is close it off soon after republishing it with a slightly different tact. After closure of course a person will be randomly selected for the prize. 🙂


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