The Seven Most Important (Non Technical) SharePoint Success Factors

by Richard Harbridge on May 12, 2010

This Saturday I will be speaking at SharePoint Saturday DC . Here is a snapshot of what we (because I always involve the audience) will be discussing:

My goals when I present are:

  1. To give everyone who comes to my presentations something new (insight, tip, trick, etc) regardless of their experience/level.
  2. To be entertaining and engaging
  3. To passionately promote the importance of non technical SharePoint support.

The SharePoint community has grown considerably in the last few years. From a technical perspective we have amazing ‘people’ powerhouses that share tons of how to, technical gotchas, and issue workarounds.

For me personally nothing makes me happier than seeing how much (at least from my exposure) the non technical community has been growing. I regularly see tons of SharePoint talks, webcasts, and sessions around Governance, and User Adoption.

There are more whitepapers, more guidance documents, and more community interest groups around this topic now than ever.

One of the things I have been working hard on is getting a stronger level of active support from Microsoft for these kinds of critical non-technical areas of SharePoint management and implementation.

BVPS  and SDPS  were two of the things that Microsoft implemented that relates to this space.  The related guidance around building a business case was a good start but I believe it can be even better. When something like that is deep enough, with enough real examples, and enough templates I truely believe the power of SharePoint will be unleashed on the marketplace. Greater understanding will lead to far better adoption and leveraging of the platform.

It is my hope that as more sessions like mine, and most of yours capture more and more ‘best practices’ and further guidance we can provide a real usable toolkit for helping on the non-technical business side of SharePoint or improve upon what has already been started. 🙂

Looking forward to seeing the other amazing sessions this Saturday,
Richard Harbridge

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