Nailing a Technology Sale (My Old Mistake and What I Learned)

by Richard Harbridge on April 16, 2010

The other day I took part in a wonderful event at Microsoft where fellow presenters and I performed short presentations. These presentations were constructively criticized by fellow speakers and Microsoft staff on how effective our presentation was, and how we could improve the way we presented it.

I had about 15 to 20 minutes to prepare my presentation which was entitled:

Nailing a Technology Sale: The Mistake I Used to Make Selling a Technology Solution and What I Learned… 

The key thing to take away from the day was that every presentation or demonstration must have a clear message. It’s not enough to just go through all the features of something, or explain how something works. It’s also important to clealy communicate a useful overall message that the person can take away with them.

Here are some questions I have for you and that we should all ask when we do a presentation:

  • Did you understand the message I was conveying in my presentation?
  • Would you be able to remember it?
  • Would you be able to use it?
  • How could I have improved?

It might be easy to talk about something and fill time, and it might be easy to actually convey technical or non technical information to an audience, but making it memorable? That’s often quite another thing altogether and something I am still learning.

Hope this helps someone,
Richard Harbridge

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