Microsoft Announced Cloud Datacenters In Canada

by Richard Harbridge on June 3, 2015

Earlier this week Microsoft announced two new Datacenter locations in Canada. This will provide the world with new regions and datacenter locations and will provide resolution to Canadian data residency concerns.


As a Canadian who has worked passionately with Office 365 and Azure for many years now – I can honestly say I have never been more excited for what this means to Canadian customers. There really are no significant barriers or reasons *not* to begin moving to the Cloud or more actively leveraging it in Hybrid patterns. I shared a few of my thoughts on this on the most recent 2toLead blog here.

The announcement is wonderful but it also raises a few questions like how will Canadian companies who have already created Office 365 tenants in other regions move them to Canada? This is an ongoing challenge that effects customers often when there are significant acquisitions or regional changes. So it’s something that we have worked through and Microsoft is working on.

Additionally how ready is your organization to take advantage of Cloud benefits in Azure and Office 365? While the second question takes more time than this blog post can answer (and depends on situational and environmental factors) one thing is for certain – Microsoft continues to invest in Canada and more Canadian organizations are able to reap those investment rewards.

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