When should we use SharePoint OOTB, leverage 3rd party apps, or build custom solutions?

by Richard Harbridge on March 14, 2014

Recently at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference I presented a session on when to build, buy, or customize SharePoint (and when not to). This post summarizes the session and where you can watch it for free or leverage the slides for your own purposes.

Determining when to use SharePoint, build customizations that extend SharePoint, buy third party products, or to ignore SharePoint all together can be very challenging. It requires an understanding of SharePoint’s strengths, weaknesses, and gaps as well as an understanding of how they apply to the business problems you are trying to solve. In this session, we explored decisions other organizations have made, criteria they used to evaluate their options, lessons they learned, and how they approached these difficult decisions.

Hope this helps,
Richard Harbridge

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