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by Richard Harbridge on April 16, 2013

On a regular basis I have had people ask me for examples of SharePoint branded intranets. The challenges are that A) most customers don’t want to share their intranets, B) many designers and partners have this in their own managed portfolios, and C) great contests/orgs have collections of them for paid subscription/purchase. The purpose of this post is to highlight a resource I am making public that I hope will help mitigate some of these challenges.

I have whipped up an Intranet example page here (w/ 30+ Intranet Homepage Designs/Examples). This page contains some SharePoint based design examples or screens of intranets from online web searches. This collection is ONLY meant to give ideas, show similarities, and give some organizations a bit of understanding that Intranet design can be quite different from website design.

My recommendation to anyone reading this:

  • Make certain you connect with a great partner near you who has done this kind of work to see their portfolio.
  • Check out great contests like the Worldwide Intranet Challenge or the Intranet Design Annual by Nielsen.
  • If you are a customer and want to see other customer Intranets sometimes intranet groups share these sorts of things internally (based on membership) through organizers like my friends at JBoye.
  • If you are a customer please scrub and share an example of your Intranet online so that others can benefit from your great work/investment and so you can show off how incredible the internal resources are at XYZ.

If you have any concerns with how I approached this, or what I have done so far please let me know. If you enjoy this resource and find it helpful please also let me know and I will continue to add more to it based on your feedback/suggestions.

Hope this helps,
Richard Harbridge

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1 April 25, 2013 at 12:40 am

As the intranet design is within the network. So it was difficult to show the intranet design in his/her portfolio by developer / designer. Did fantastic work to provide us the ideas for the intranet by making such resources publicly.


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