Tough Migration Decisions: Making The Right Choices

by Richard Harbridge on March 5, 2013

Based on many migration engagements Portal Solutions and I wrote a short and easy to read free SharePoint migration guidance document that is now available for download. If you struggle with understanding what you need to think about, consider, and plan for when preparing for a SharePoint migration hopefully this document will help you and save you time.

SharePoint content migration can be a potentially risky, time consuming, and costly endeavor if you don’t understand the pitfalls and best practices.Whether they are triggered by a desire to move away from file shares and legacy systems, or triggered by a desire to upgrade from previous versions of SharePoint – they are a common activity most SharePoint practitioners have to tackle sooner or later.

This whitepaper breaks down some of the key decisions you must face and provides practical tips to effectively plan for your migration. It includes 200+ questions you should ask your SharePoint migration vendor and contains input from many migration vendors in the SharePoint ecosystem.

Short Whitepaper: Tough Migration Decisions – Making The Right Choices

There should be more great guidance coming so stay tuned and be sure to check out if you haven’t taken a look at many of the great SharePoint migration vendors that are out there.

Hope this helps,
Richard Harbridge

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