Updates for SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint Development Standards and SharePoint Content Standards

by Richard Harbridge on February 19, 2013

If you haven’t taken a look at the SharePoint Standards located in this site, please look through them and give the community your feedback. Since SharePoint 2013 has been out for awhile and I have been working almost exclusively on SharePoint 2013 projects for the past year I thought I could update a few of the standards. The Development and Content standards have been updated with some new 2013 suggestions.

As always with updates to standards (meant for everyone to copy/leverage in their internal environments) there is always the risk that not all standards may apply. The only way these improve is based on your feedback – so please let me know if some are missing, or if I should remove/rephrase some standards.

SharePoint Standards that have been updated:

  • SharePoint Development Standards
    • Started SharePoint 2013 Development Standards
    • Added initial SharePoint 2013 Development Environment and Tools document/guidance.
    • Added Word Doc version of standards for easy download.
    • Retained previous Standards (and document samples).
  • SharePoint Content Standards
    • Added new Standards based on new functionality in SharePoint 2013.
    • Added Word Doc version of standards for easy download.
    • Added SharePoint 2013 Site Collection and Site Recommendations document/guidance.
    • Retained previous Standards (and document samples).

Hope this helps,

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